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The Heaven Lee Foundation

The Heaven Lee Foundation is ministry planted in the fertile soil of the beauty industry. We strive to offer hope, love and the faith of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to meet a need in an unexpected situation. Hairloss is not something we plan for but it can greatly impact some of thoses who are effected by it.  Especially for a little girl, it can be devastating.

 The Heaven Lee Foundation was put in place to help little girls that are from families who would love to offer the best solutions to this issue, but dont have adequate financial backing. As a former children's sunday school teacher, I have a heart for children. As a mother of a beautiful little girl, not only on the outside, but most importantly on the inside; I would want help if this was a situation we faced. I've hit a few rough spots in life and couldnt find a helping hand or warm heart that would help.  So, I know how it feels to have a need that was bigger than my tangible resources. I truly believe it is a blessing, to be a blessing.  

It is our pleasure to extend the love of God in this way. 

Please allow us to treat your daughter to a day filled with joy and smiles. We want to give her The All Dolled Up Experience: Princess Package. We will work with you to customize a day she will always remember. 

We can pull out all the bells and whistles or keep it sweet and simple. 

Whatever puts a smile on her face. 

She will receive a custom hair unit tailor-made just for her.


If you have a daughter or loved one who is  dealing with moderate to severe hairloss, 

we would love to help. Please email a brief summary of your situation, her age, a doctor statement or prescription for a crainal prosisthis. All your information will be kept confidential. We will cover the entire cost of beauty services and hair pieces.

 We are currently in the Clarksville In area. We do offer shipping and virtual experiences.

We can't wait to get your little angel

"All Dolled Up".

 Blessings and Peace,

Julia Smith

Founder of The Heaven Lee Foundation

 Email: [email protected]


God is within her, she will not fail Psalms 46:5