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The All Dolled Up Experience Ministries 

The ministries of my life experiences. 

Beyond the Chair 

Ministry for all the hairapist behind the chair. 

  A positive, motivational and enpowering in-salon training geared towards stylist/barbers. The practical principles for Beyond The Chair are based upon faith, family, love and hope built on hardwork. As stylist we pour out so much of ourselves all around the board. We are often the go to person for our friends, family and loved ones. As a 23 year pioneer in the industry I am offering something that I wish was offered to me a long time ago.

  This training will be encouraging and thought provoking. It has been designed as a fresh breath of air for the stylist lifestyle. Between work, home, social activities, family, church, relationships and whatever else is served on your plate, somehow we put ourselves last.

  Being a hair-apist has been around since the first beauty salons and barbershops began, it's a part of us being great at our trade. Our clients come weekly for a dose of our advice, compassion, understanding and knowledge as well as hair services. This industry is very demanding and fast pace. Take this moment to refuel and gain some knowledge that you, your clients and loved ones will benefit from. It's Christ centered positive shop talk for those of us behind the chair.

  Ive found that when the stylist are motivated they shift the atmosphere of the salon. Offering clients the best salon experience  possible and in the long run making this business we love, continue to bring us purpose  and prosperity. Giving us a blessing to pass down to our children and their children.

Makeova Ministry 

Ministry for ladies who are working on inner beauty as well as outer beauty.  

What profits a Doll to Slay everyday, and lose her Soul?

  The Makeova Ministry is ministry from behind the chair and beyond. It's Faith, Fashion and Beauty. It's Christ Centered motivational conversations geared toward lady's of all ages.

It's a renewing of the mind and style through the teachings of biblical principles in action for today's world. Learning to be intentional about our walk with Christ and determined about our destiny. Finding our identity in Christ not culture. Life-changing teachings that every  women will benefit from. The Makova Ministry is about being made over from the inside out. It is very flexible in the set-up. It goes over well in a teaching forum, a group activity or a seminar. It even expands into social and creative events such as a fashion class or a glam session ( makeup lesson). We cover topics like: Royal Attire, Why we wear makeup, Why wait (sex before marriage), and Waiting on Boaz,

just to name a few. The Makeup Ministry is designed to be thought provoking and to inspire change and growth to help us continue on this journey in Grace.

Dolls and Gents Youth Group 

Jesus loves the little children and so do we. 

  This program is for youth and young adults, it is all about hope, faith, love and restoration. It is built on biblical principles for everyday life. We combine life coaching and life skills with encourgenent and accountability. We have all experienced rough patches in life, sometimes we just need someone to help us work through them; without judgement. We offer compassion and understanding as we untangle old ways of thinking and work on new ways of dealing with life. We will deal with subjects such as: Processing the decision making process, Dating and relationship,  Abstinence and purity,  Faith building at a young age, Health, Hygiene, Fashion and Beauty and more.

  In this program we will set goals and work towards achieving them. This is a fresh start program, we meet our youth  where they are. Yesterday is in the past and today begins a new day. We may have consequences from yesterday, but with grace and wisdom we will move forward. This program is focused on ages 12-17. It is done both in one-on-one settings and group as well. We even offer it virtually for those who are not local. 

Over the Rainbow 

Ministry for the LBGT community who love Christ. 

The Lord has truly changed my life in so many ways. I was living the homosexual lifestyle for over 11 years and very involved in the church for the latter part of it. I was only reading my bible enough to teach my sunday school class. I ended up battling an unexplained illness that cause me to be in crippling pain daily and paralyzed off and on for 3 years. The Lord told me to give away everything and move to Jacksonville Fl. I did so but couldn't find a church. That drove me to the word of God for myself,  I didn't get my deliverance in a church I got it through the Word and truth about where my lifestyle was leading me. It has been a beautiful journey, I got baptized last December for the second time and life has been a process if relearning to live a spirit filled life, allowing the word to circumcise my fleshy desires from spirit. My goal is to reach those who are homosexual and those who are living other sexually immoral lifestyles, but also love The Lord. I find it a part of my service to the Lord to go back and tell my truth and my story of freedom through the Blood of Jesus Christ. I was leading the children's ministry at my church and living an openly gay life, with my wife in the church. Influencing others not by my words, but by my actions. As we all know, actions speak louder than words. My heart hurts when I think about it.. But, I'm grateful that God didn't let me die in my sin. I would like the opportunity to share how I was able to be untangled from the homosexual lifestyle through the word of God. I know that there will be alot of people that would benefit from my testimony. There is true deliverance through the Blood of Jesus Christ. He healed my body, delivered my sin sick soul, He set me free and told me to run on. My message is not of condemnation but of the freedom found in the Love of God.