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 All Dolled Up Luxury Coverings  

All Dolled Up Luxury Coverings  are designed with you in mind. To us customer service is key. We strongly believe in treating others the way we want to be treated. We understand hair loss is something that happens, not something that is chosen or planned. Let us help you make an informed hair replacement decision. We specialize in natural, stylish luxury hair loss options. We offer many different styles, textures and lengths for Dolls and Gents of all ages and ethnicities.  All Dolled Up Luxury Coverings are made from 100% remy human hair. They are created comfortable fabrics, offering the very best experience possible. 

We offer full, partial and custom cranial prosthesis, as well as custom wigs.

Accepted payment methods include: Cash, Credit, Lay-a-way, Insurance Reimbursement, HSA and  FSA.

Convenience services include: Virtual consultations, shipping and in-home private fittings.  Complimentary services include: Head-shaving and luxury pampering services

 to anyone undergoing chemotherapy. 

We want you to leave knowing that no matter what is going on in your life, 

that you are still blessed. 

God gives the toughest battles to His strongest soldiers, let's look great while we fight*

We cant wait to give you "The All Dolled Up Experience"

Did you know your wig could be covered by insurance?​

Call Us Now: 901.550.8517

All Dolled Up Luxury Coverings

Our company offers many different hair loss solutions. Our crainal prosthesis (medical wigs) are made with you in mind. You can design your own hair creation, choose your desired length and curl pattern.​ We offer many options to customize your look: custom cut design, custom hair coloring and even elaborate styling. The sky is the limit. All cranial prosthesis are ordered custom. Each custom or​der take about 2-4 wks to complete. Call, text or email us to begin your All Dolled Up Experience today!  We offer virtual con​sultations to accommodate Dolls and Gents near and far. 

 For a faster order checkout our Featured Hair Creations on our store page. There you will find all in stock creation that are available to ship out with in 7 business days. 

Natural Hairline 



These are our most affordable option. They feature a soft mesh base along the entire front of the hair piece. They have wispy hairline tresses that frame the face for a more natural look. They can be styled back off the face or parted on the left, right or middle. The back of the hair piece is made of wefted hair for added fullness. 

Full Natural Prosthesis​(FNP)

These are our most versatile hair units. They are constructed of a full soft mesh cap. They offer unlimited styling options with wispy hairline tresses around the perimeter of the hair piece. They are made strand by stand with no wefted hair, for your maximum comfort. 

Natural Halo Prosthesis


These are our most popular units. They feature a soft mesh base along the entire perimeter of the hair piece. They have wispy hairline tresses for a more natural feel. They can be worn up in a high ponytail or down, they offer a few different style options. The middle of the hair piece is made of wefted hair for added fullness. 

Full Scalp Prosthesis(FSP)

These are our most natural looking hair pieces. They are made of a soft mesh coated with a flexible gel liner and the hair is attached strand by strand. They are very durable and can be worn any way you can imagine. They are made to be bonded to your scalp and worn for weeks at a time. 

God's Grace is sufficient for me*

God is within her, she will not fail.  Psalm 46:5