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Julia " Miss Dolled Up" Smith

Hey  Dolls and Gents,

Let me start off by saying, "I am who I am because of My Heavenly Father."  I don't look like my testimony, but I do have one. I am truly grateful for all of my test, trials, triumphs, victories,  mountain top and valley experiences.  Through each situation I've learned more and more about the God I serve. I am a proud mother of two amazing children, whom I adore. My passion rest in the beauty industry and I am a 3rd generation Beauty Minister. 

My goal is to inspire Dolls of all ages to be beautiful from the inside out.

 What profits a Doll to Slay everyday and lose her soul? 

We all have to face our on personal battles, in this thing called "Life."

 Looking nice while going through a season of illness can really boost the spirit, trust me I know.  As owner and founder of The All Dolled Up Experience I've learned that in life burdens and blessings grow together.  Being a hairstylist of 22 years, I unexpectedly fell ill to viral meningitis and could not maintenance my beauty regime. This was very disheartening to me because I have a true passion for the endless possibilities that the beauty and fashion industry produce. But because I've been blessed to be a natural problem solver, I began to make custom hair pieces for myself. They actually became a hit with most of my clients, those with hair loss and those that enjoyed the convenience of wigs for cosmetic purposes. This was the birth of "All Dolled Up Custom Wigs." It was a three year struggle with my health, but as a result of my faith in Jesus Christ all is well with me. I am a product of His healing power. I am now able to return back to the field I love but with a new motivation.

The All Dolled Up Experience is more than a beauty service, its a ministry.